Bird Nest Supplier Kuantan

Each bird nest piece is approx.. 6-7gm.
*As our bird’s nests are all-natural and vary in color and sizes, the product may look slightly different from images shown.

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RM5,600.00 - RM6,000.00

FREE SHIPPING WM  6-bottles in Gift Box   RM228
🌷Fresh Stewed Bird's Nest 75ml x 6 bottles
🌷Original Flavour, Honey Rock Sugar, Pandan, Wolfberry, Rose, American Ginseng
🌷Eternal mini rose flower
🌷Exquisite packaging gift box
🌷Exquisite gift bag
🌷Exquisite small card

6瓶包装礼盒  RM228
🌷鲜炖燕窝 75ml x

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御燕饼 Bird Nest Biscuit
Our bird’s nests are harvested from the east coast of Malaysia, known for producing bird’s nests of premium quality with the best color and texture in Malaysia.

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RM98.00 - RM338.00