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The Natural Way to Nourish Your Body

Our Beginnings

Yü Nest is a specialty bird nest company with over a decade’s worth of experience in the industry. Started off as an exporter of bird’s nest and herbs sourced all over Malaysia, our company has now extended our Company’s offerings to include freshly concocted bird’s nest drink.

Ingredients you can trust

YuNest produces bird nest concentrate using the simplicity of the finest natural ingredients. All natural, chemical and preservative free. It has always been our routine to boil bird’s nest tonic at home and when we see how difficult it is for the public to get access to bird’s nest concentrate which contains no preservatives and bleaching chemical, we have decided to venture into the business of providing fresh, made-upon-order bird’s nest concentrate to our customers.

Traditional superfood, bottled up for your convenience

At Yu Nest, we strive to provide everyone good quality product at an affordable price.  The team behind Yu Nest ensures that our bird’s nest are hand-picked, cooked and then vacuum sealed before it is shipped to your doorstep.  We hope that you enjoy our products and offerings.


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