Sarawak Birdnest Biscuit Per Box


Sarawak Birdnest Biscuit Per Box

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Sarawak Bird Nest Biscuit  御花燕
Our top-selling product, our cave bird’s nests harvested from caves in Malaysia which are typically priced at a premium due to the rarity and difficulty in harvesting. Cave bird’s nests are harvested from the wild, that is why they are more natural and nutritious compared to house bird’s nests that are grown in farms. They are also chewier in texture and can be boiled for a longer period. This product can be stored for a long period (keep in a cool and dry place), and enjoy this premium only when you need it! This is a great gift for your special someone and is a premium supplement to boost immunity and improve skin complexion.

Box dimension: 14.5cm x 5cm x 21cm
Each bird nest piece is approx.. 5gm.
*As our bird’s nests are all-natural and vary in color and sizes, the product may look slightly different from images shown.


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