A Valuable Nest

1) Moisturizes the Skin
The bird’s nest contains a special protein with the same structure as the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), which helps create new skin cells to replace old, degraded cells.

2) Enhance disease prevention system
It has the ability to inhibit the production of melanin. It help prevent viral infections such as influenza virus etc.

3) Excellent nervous system
Sialic acid is the main component of the glycolipid group, reduce inflammation of the nervous system. (anti-neuroinflammatory effect)

4)Blood Care
For people who have health problems related to the maintenance of blood. Women who have given birth Or the patient is recuperating It is necessary to receive nourishing nutrients to restore health. The bird’s nest is a good help. Useful in getting into the body, nourishing blood, repairing health to be stronger.

5)Help relieve fatigue
For people who are not getting enough rest for several days in a row The symptoms of exhaustion are easily removed, which is one way other than getting a good night’s sleep. Eating bird’s nest to help balance the body from exhaustion.

01 Apr 2022