Kuantan l Pahang l KL l Malaysia

Traditional superfood, bottled up for your convenience

We take pride in serving less processed, zero preservative bird’s nest drink by exclusively using naturally sourced ingredients. Today, our signature bird’s nest drinks are enjoyed all over Malaysia. Our continuous mission is to ensure the best quality in our ready-to-drink products as an affordable health


RM396.00 - RM476.00

Flavour Codes:

  • A - Red Dates with Rock Sugar
  • B - Honey Rock Sugar
  • C - Wolfberry with Rock Sugar
  • D - America Ginseng with Rock Sugar
  • E - Rose with Rock Sugar
  • F- Pandan With Rock Sugar
  • G- Original With No Sugar
  • Our product is freshly boiled without preservatives, it


RM792.00 - RM952.00